The Sports Bra of Your Dreams
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+ 110 Survery Responses
+ 35 Interviews
+ 1 Amazing Product

What is CORE?

What is CORE? In January, we applied for, interviewed, and received the Launch LNK grant to fund an idea that we’ve had for years. This has always been a goal but we were always told that you can’t sew padding in because of cost of material. It just didn’t make sense to us. What if the padding wasn’t your normal removable cups? What if the padding was a material that is unlike any other? We sent out surveys to our customers and received 110 responses on the annoyance of removal padding in sports bras. From there on out, we sent out zoom invitations and hosted 35 interviews with our customers on sports bras in general. We then hosted follow up meetings to design the sports bra of your dreams with our community. 10.5 months in the making, let’s simplify life. #nocupsallowed

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